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Mobile Phones for Veterans & Supporters

Flexible Cellphone service for our Troops...


Flexible Service for our Troops


Cellphone service for America's military needs to be as flexible as the men & women that are deployed.

Regular post-paid carriers charge you every month, whether you use your phone or not. To solve this problem, Wireless Replay, through its Talk4Troops program, offers inexpensive pre-paid cellphones and airtime service where your minutes are extended to cover a whole year. If you are Active Military, a Veteran, or a Military dependent, you pay once, for a 90 day airtime plan, then not have to worry for a full 365 days. As thanks for your service, your airtime is extended. If you run out of minutes before the 365 day period is up, your phone number will remain yours for the rest of the year, even if you don’t buy more minutes until the very end.

If your loved ones use the phone in the meantime, that’s ok, too. You can add airtime, anytime, and the new airtime period stacks on top of your first purchase. So if you have another month left on your original 365 day airtime, then buy an additional 90 day plan, your total airtime is extended for another 90 days, or four months total. Dependents can buy their own phones, too, under this plan, and benefit from your service.

Wireless Replay knows money is tight. The last thing Military Service Members should have to worry about is staying in touch. Prepaid wireless on the Talk4Troops plan is a sure way to save.

Wireless Replay donates a portion of every purchase to Veteran’s charities. If you are not an active or retired Service Member, but support such causes, we offer the same great deal on phones and airtime, just not with the 365 day military airtime extension. You’ll get the best cellphone value, and know you’re helping where it counts.