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Our Story

military family
Talk4Troops offers Military (Service Member, Veteran, Retiree, Military Spouse, Military Dependent) and First Responders (EMT, Firefighter, Police Officer, 911 Dispatcher) access to wholesale prices on smartphones from a variety of brands.

We found that service members, their immediate families, and first responders could not, in many cases, afford the quality smartphones they deserved. Our parent company, Wireless Replay, was an established contract refurbishment factory and wholesaler, so the ability to offer refurbished phones to Talk4Troops customers was a natural fit. 
Our founder, Jaime Topp, is an Air Force veteran and commercial pilot with over 30 years in the industry, including a role as co-founder of Tracfone (formerly Topp Telecomm). Other team members are also industry leaders who are passionate about veteran advocacy.