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Total BYOP SIM kit

Total by Verizon Keep Your Own Phone SIM Activation Kit

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  • Includes: Prepaid Universal SIM Card used to activate unlocked, CDMA compatible phones on our network. Simply insert this SIM Card in your device and follow the directions on your phone to join Total Wireless.
  • Coverage: Get 4G LTE Nationwide Coverage from one of the top 3 Networks.
  • Why Total Wireless: Once you activate and choose a plan, you can get unlimited talk & text with data starting at $25/month and unlimited data with our fastest 4G LTE speeds for just $50/month. No contracts.
  • How it works: Activate with any of our channels. You’ll choose a plan as part of the activation process, and you can keep your phone number if you no longer have a contract on the device you’re activating.

    Activate your phone using ActivateNow

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